Here’s why:

We’re willing to bet that whenever you need an answer or find something quick, you most likely turn to the internet. Right? Well, so do your customers. Whenever your potential customer searches *insert the product or service your company sells/does,* they’re looking for an answer and solution. This is where having a user-friendly, engaging, and credible website becomes the most powerful tool for gaining new business.

Here are three reasons why you need a website as a small business!


First and foremost, internet users are looking for a trustworthy source to provide the product or service they’re looking for. In fact, 48% of users state a website’s design is the most important factor in deciding business credibility. A website helps your company be seen, trusted, and bring in business.


Having all your information in one place enables you to best manage the important assets of your business. From location, hours, inventory, and any messages that need to go out to customers, you have the ability to tell your audience exactly what you want.


Having a website gives you the upper hand when it comes to competition. How? Put the first two points together: if you have credibility from the information you’re allowing customers to see online and your competitor doesn’t, you’ve won the business. Potential customers are going to trust the business they can easily find information for, visit the site for a little, and find the product or service they need before they even get in their car!


29% of small businesses still don’t have a website today. Take control of your credibility and competition by contacting The Richland Group today!


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