As if Mondays aren’t hard enough to get out of bed, Fayetteville, Arkansas, is greeting us with a frost-covered blanket of snow and a chilling “feels like” two degrees this morning.

Local school districts are closed, university classes are delayed, and the roads are an accumulation of the weekend’s slush, sleet, and black ice. What sounds like a commuter’s nightmare turns into one simple solution for The Richland Group: a work-from-home snow day.

Operating as a digital marketing and design firm, we’re built to work from home when we need to. Thanks to modern company upgrades in technology, there’s virtually nothing we can’t do from home that we do in the office.

Working from home can sound like an excuse to binge watch Netflix, bake cookies, and be distracted, but occasional at-home work days provide an increase in work productivity. Compared to the in-office nine to five, work-from-home employees prove to have a more productive full day’s work. This isn’t just our own personal beliefs, these are the results of a two-year Stanford research study on work productivity at home. With fewer distractions, a more relaxed environment, and fewer time spenders such as commuting, getting ready, and breaks, occasional at-home work days can help boost overall morale and employee efficiency.

Not every day can be a snow day, but the occasional break from the office-work routine can serve as a good recharge to get work done from the comfort of one’s own home. The other nice thing about a break from the office? We can’t wait to get back together tomorrow morning!

Check out the two-year Stanford study Ted Talk that covers the benefits from working at home: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oiUyyZPIHyY&feature=youtu.be