When it comes to your phone, you trust your app providers to come out with regular updates. You also trust your phone manufacturer to perform system updates and release routine upgrades when needed. Your website requires the same attention and performance.

As technology grows and develops, so do the updates and security advancements. It is crucial to expect that your website is routinely backed up, scrubbed for bugs, and ensuring the safest, up-to-date versions of the operating system. By checking these things, you are helping your website operate at its best performance.

Web Hosting

“Web Hosting” is a service that enables a website’s content to be accessible to clients 24/7/365. The Richland Group utilizes the top-tier data center to host client websites in order to offer the highest reliability, security, and performance.

Tier-Three Data Center

Tier three data centers are the most advanced, offering secure facilities with weather-protected emergency power sources, vital backups, and multiple high-speed internet connections. These features help ensure minimal downtime and maximize uptime on every hosted website. Tier three is ideal for companies looking to maximize their company performance while still being cost effective.

With our support and hosting plans, your company’s website will receive crucial system updates, security advancements, bug scrubbing, and protection. Here at The Richland Group, we provide our clients with a complete website support plan. Is your website receiving the proper attention and support it requires? Contact us today for a complete analysis of your current web hosting.


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