Last month, our team created a video with the main goal to encourage supporting local businesses during the midst of COVID-19. At that time, Fayetteville was the only city in Northwest Arkansas that had a mask mandate. We wanted to creatively showcase some of the beloved Fayetteville businesses while also promoting safe and healthy ways to support them. Then came the idea: showcase the team members of local businesses sporting their masks in their stores! It was a hit and many local establishments were quick to jump in and become a part of the video. We greatly enjoyed connecting with so many incredible local staples and also having the opportunity to check-in and see how they were doing.

In a month, the video has been viewed 1,400+ times across three social media channels, received 70+ engagements, 200+ likes, and 15 shares. And, as always when it comes to social media, there was a little push back. Some people didn’t care for the message, but the overall positive v. negative reactions equated to 4.5 to 1 and we’re happy about that! Overall, we are thrilled with the fact that over 1,400 people saw a video that showcased numerous Fayetteville businesses’ team members and information.

We want to extend a huge thank you to all the businesses that participated in the video. We wish you all the best in the future. Stay safe.

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