If you follow our Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, or LinkedIn account, you’ve probably noticed that a good amount of our posts are all about Northwest Arkansas. From restaurant take-out to new plans for the city, our social media is saturated with what’s happening in our bustling area. As a viewer, you might be wondering why a digital marketing agency is putting so much emphasis on local happenings outside of our office. While we still post about our recent projects and team hangs, we believe in showcasing the unique and funky place we love to call home. There’s a reason why Fayetteville, Arkansas, has been named in the top five “Best Place to Live” by U.S. News & World Report for four consecutive years and we’re eager to show it off!

We Support Local

The Richland Group is proud to support the businesses that make Northwest Arkansas special. Each team member has their favorite places to frequent and can probably give you a dozen reasons why those places should become one of your favorites. We’re also always keeping an eye out for new places popping up! To stay up-to-date on all things happening in NWA, we continually check in with Leisurlist, a website and app that provides information on weekly new events around the area and Experience Fayetteville, our city’s convention and visitor bureau. These resources help amplify the happenings across the area and we strongly recommend residents and tourists to view each site find a new activity to do!

We Stay Up on the Trends

It’s no surprise that “what’s in” is constantly changing. Whether it’s the avocado toast and whipped coffee craze, the latest local-customer buying habits, important city plans, or the most recent dance on Tik Tok, we want to know what the community is interested in. By continually reading up on all things NWA, we’re keeping our pulse on what our area wants to see and what consumers respond well toward. Knowing these trends and nuances about consumers continually refines our craft in helping clients reach their audience in a more engaging way.

Constantly staying engaged in what the community is doing is easy when your office is in a place as extraordinary as Fayetteville! We’re located on East Dickson street in the Washington Willow historic neighborhood and take full advantage of the wonderful town that’s at our fingertips. We can’t wait for the day when we can get back into the office and take team walks down to Dickson for a coffee or lunch break, ride the Spin Scooters or Veo Ride bicycles, and enjoy a happy hour after work. Moral of the story: We LOVE everything that goes into making Fayetteville and Northwest Arkansas the best place to live.