How’s Your Social Media Doing?

Social Media is about engagement AND brand awareness. Recently, one of our Instagram stories was tagged and shared by Crystal Bridges Museum of American Art. There’s nothing like having one of the world’s greatest art museums tag you on social media! Being reposted by a notable platform might make us feel a little cooler, but it ultimately accomplishes two things: 1. Showcases our relevance in the community; 2. Gets our business message out to a wider audience.

Staying Socially Relevant

In a world where nearly everything is digital and at consumers’ fingertips, staying involved and connected with local, regional, and national like-minded businesses helps generate credibility and validity in the consumer’s eye. It’s important to note that engagement from other businesses or companies is equally as important as consumer engagements. Why? Because it shows you’re interconnected with the world around you. To the consumer, being connected with the community shows how your business cares about what’s going on in your field of work and beyond. Connections like these go a long way in the social media world; don’t discredit the power it has!

Expanding Business Exposure

If you have the opportunity to give a business or person a shout out, go for it! Tagging the right people in your posts can help amplify your content and let it be seen in new places. One tag can lead to a repost which then can lead to positive impressions on others in (or outside) of your industry. You can have the “best” ideas for posts, but without connecting it to the right audience, it can be difficult to increase social media traction.


How are you doing with capturing the attention of your social media audience? Whether you’re looking to increase engagement, awareness, or even bolstering your online reputation, we can help! Let’s chat:

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