Architects and Engineers Need Marketing Too!

The architect and engineering (A/E) industry continue to thrive with an average three-year growth rate of 15%. High starting salaries, large bonuses, and significant workloads to keep firms busy indicate the steady health of the profession. Could there be any areas of struggle with such high success?

In a recent column of the Arkansas Talk Business and Politics, Mark Zweig, the owner of Mark Zweig Inc. and Zweig Group, has worked in the A/E industry for 40 years. He is known for working with hundreds of top-management A/E teams around the nation and has dedicated his career to helping improve the industry. However, his biggest critique for the thriving industry is the “woefully inadequate” marketing efforts.

Zweig states, “The No. 1 problem cited by firm management today is their inability to find sufficient qualified staff. That is one of the top challenges cited by A/E firm owners and managers for several years… A/E firms aren’t just competing with each other for the limited talent pool in many fields. They have to compete with both the public sector and more significant industries that are recruiting architects and engineers.”

So how can A/E firms continue to recruit highly-qualified team members and avoid a decline in success? Investing in their marketing efforts, which will ultimately increase your recruiting capabilities.

77% of today’s job seekers go to company websites to look for employment opportunities. This means that the majority of potential applicants’ first impression of a company is its website. If your digital marketing showcases your firm as qualified, innovative, and reputable, you will attract like-minded applicants.

Does your website and digital marketing stand out in the A/E industry? Are you able to attract the desired applicants your firm wants? If the answer is no, The Richland Group is here to enhance your firm’s image in both the public sector and significant industries. Posting your salary and benefits is no longer enough to entice individuals to apply. Showcasing your company culture through photo, video, and up-to-date content will elevate your firm to stand out from other competitors.


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