As the state of Arkansas begins entering into new phases of reopening, The Richland Group remains committed to following the necessary recommendations for COVID-19 prevention. Our team is moving forward with the suggested reopening guidelines with safety and consideration for our team, clients, and their families. We are following the current preventative measures through the following:

Our Team

At this time, our team is continuing to primarily work from home. Each team member has access to software and resources for operating at the same level as in the office. Being a digital company allows us to continue serving our clients at the level that is expected, no matter where our team may be.

Our Office

Along with following the CDC guidelines, our property manager has implemented additional measures to help protect any individual who enters the building:

  • Hand sanitizer stations for each of the three entrances of the building
  • Equipping our building’s HVAC system with air scrubbers which serve as a filtration system that removes particles, gasses, and/or chemicals from the air within a given area
  • ONE reservation per conference room per day – conference rooms will be disinfected nightly

Our Meetings

At this time, we strongly urge our clients to meet with us via Zoom, FaceTime, Google Hangouts, other video teleconference options or a phone call. We feel this is the most effective way to maintain a productive workflow and clear communication while respecting the health concerns of all. Meeting over teleconference and phone call also allows greater flexibility within scheduling which results in more timely responsiveness and problem solving. If a face-to-face meeting is absolutely necessary, we ask you to adhere to the City of Fayetteville ordinance, in effect as of 6/17, and maintain a minimum 6-foot distance or wear a mask or face covering.

Our Work 

There is a lot of learning and adjusting during these current times, however, we are committed to providing the same quality of work throughout all situations. Our team is dedicated to maintaining constant client communication while ensuring the highest quality of performance. We understand that our current circumstances require flexibility and quick problem solving and are here to offer top-tier digital marketing solutions no matter the circumstances.


We hope you will continue to be smart and safe as we enter into the stages to come.