In a global situation that continues to daily change, it’s a difficult task to be consistently adjusting and adapting. Navigating how to lead teams, engage with customers, and manage an overall business can feel like an overwhelming task at the moment. We completely understand, and we want to help you continue to engage with customers and maintain positive brand awareness.

Amidst what feels like constant, behind-the-scenes damage control, your marketing can sit center stage among your customers. In a recent message from Facebook, the social platform lists three practical ways that businesses can stay connected to customers now and in the future.

1. Share Frequent Updates

Communities and customers are looking to businesses during this time. Who is still open? Who is offering alternative methods to the purchasing norm? Keeping your business’ Facebook page up-to-date allows your audience to know exactly how the business is doing and the changes it might be implementing. In addition to keeping your customers informed, using Facebook posts to express thanks, share team updates, and display community camaraderie helps you stay connected to your audience in a personal way.

2. Keep Up Customer Relationships

Ensuring your direct messaging is set up and easily accessible is key to maintaining timely communication and the ability to answer individualized questions. Facebook offers an automated response option that can allow your business page to respond instantly to inquiries and help redirect people to the information they need.

3. Take Your Events Online

What parts of your business can move to be online? With an influx of individuals spending time on social media platforms, try moving your business’ events or products online to maintain engagement. This can look like showing off your new inventory in a Facebook live video, taking pictures of products that are still available for sale, or simply recording an update video to post.

Staying in touch with customers throughout these times apart can help increase engagement now and even in the future. Many consumers are looking to businesses to see how they handle the current pressure and changing times– utilizing your unique ability to connect with people through social media can be one of the ways to make a positive impression on your customers and community.