3 Ways to Reduce Your Bounce Rate

So what is a bounce rate? Defined by Google Analytics, a “bounce rate” is the percentage of single-page visits where a viewer visits one page on your site and leaves without visiting any others. The higher the percentage of bounce rates, the bigger the problem. You want viewers to spend extended amounts of time on your site while visiting multiple pages so you have more opportunities to keep them engaged and transfer valuable information to them.

Below are four notable ways to reduce your bounce rate and engage your viewers to visit more pages of your website:

Have an attention-grabbing, user-friendly landing page

Constructing a beautifully-designed page sets you up for success. If designed efficiently, you are able to clearly communicate to your viewers while simultaneously directing them to additional website pages. This is a win-win situation for not only decreasing your bounce rate percentage but also increasing the amount of content a viewer sees in one visit.

Keep your blog fresh and up-to-date

Blogging is a powerful tool in today’s digital marketing. Consistently updating your blogs with new and important information invites website viewers to learn more about your company while finding a topic that directly pertains to them. Perhaps a customer was looking for a piece of specific information on a question they have; staying up to date with new blog content increases your chances of having a breadth of topics that interests multiple viewers.

Optimize page load time

Prominence in digital marketing has resulted in instantaneous communication being the expectation for the majority of customers. One of the quickest ways to have viewers leave your site before visiting another page is having a long load time on the first page they visit. You can ensure your site is running as quickly as possible by rendering content to fit the dimensions of the website, optimizing space and content on a page, limiting the number of pop-ups and large-sized files.

The Richland Group specializes in creating consumer-centric websites that invite viewers to explore with ease. From designing a website to generating consistent blogs and consistently checking for updates to minimize the load time, we are here to help your site be the most effective it can be. Contact us today to see how your bounce rate can be lowered while increasing your site’s traffic!

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