Why 'The Richland Group'?

Now, we know you’re wondering, “Where does the name ‘The Richland Group’ come from?”  Mark and Cheslea realized when they started dating in 1981 they shared an interest in backpacking, camping, floating and hiking.  They took many backpacking trips on the Ozark Highlands Trail in Arkansas and fell in love with the Richland Creek area. On an overcast, rainy day hike to the falls of the creek, darkness came quickly. Stranded in pitch dark along a river at flood stage, they were forced to spend the night under a rock bluff with no supplies trying to stay warm. It was a life changing night.  Years later when they were discussing a name for the new company The Richland Group seemed like the perfect choice.

For the past 20 years, the Richland Creek Wilderness Area has been a special place for the Harper family. A designated wilderness area since 1984 and a major tributary of the Buffalo River, Richland Creek is known for its remote solitude and rugged scenic beauty.  Its the kind of place you visit to recharge your batteries, rest your body and renew your creativity.


Falling Water

Photography by Arkansas Parks & Tourism

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