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The Importance of Website Security

Website security has always been a top priority at the Richland Group. Hosting our client’s websites is a critical responsibility and we use a variety of tools to make sure all systems are up to date and working properly, especially our security systems.

Recently, Google began including website security as a component in its search results. That means websites offering secure connections, HTTPS, will rank higher than non-secure websites. According to, “HTTPS encrypts the connection between the browser and the site, therefore making sure that no one can intercept the data sent between those two. Every site that wants to secure itself needs a SSL certificate.  The browser checks the certificate of the site and verifies its legitimacy. By using HTTPS, sites not only secure your login procedure and personal data but also what you do on a site and which sites you visit.” Now, securing your site improves your search results ranking.

Right now it’s a relatively minor component, so securing your website won’t instantly put you at the top of the search results. But it will help now and there’s no doubt it will be a more significant factor in the future.

Google did the same thing a few years ago when it started adding weight to smartphone-friendly websites. What was called “mobilegeddon” caused many websites to move down in search results because they didn’t display properly on a smartphone. It started as a relatively minor factor in search results, but today it is one of the most important things you can do to improve your search result standings. So, look for website security to follow a similar path.

If your website is not secure, contact us to find out how easy and relatively inexpensive it is to improve your overall security, your visitor’s experience and your search ranking.

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