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Third Party Marketing Could Save You From a Lawsuit

A Benton County restaurant recently filed a lawsuit in attempt to gain access to its own Facebook page.  The account was controlled by two former employees who have refused to make the restaurant owners account administrators.  In addition to withholding administrative access, the former employees allegedly have used the Facebook page to vent their frustrations by inappropriately responding to customer questions and comments.  Naturally, the restaurant owners believe this is hurting business.

A situation like this is a business owner’s worst nightmare.  What started out as a convenient way to manage social media in-house is ending in a messy lawsuit.  Hiring a third party digital marketing firm from the start would have prevented this.  The Richland Group offers social media marketing solutions that fit your business’ needs and aren’t influenced by a former employee’s personal vendetta.  Whether it be your social media page or your company’s website, we make sure you retain copyrights, control and complete ownership.  Let our professionals help you.

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