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When Social Media Goes Wrong

There’s no denying social media is a powerful tool for businesses.  However, it quickly loses power and relevance when improperly managed. To prove to you the importance of proper social media management, we’d like to share with you two of our favorite most recent social media fails.

Amtrak Twitter Response…7 Months Late

In February, political advisor Amanda Carpenter got stuck in an Amtrak elevator.  Naturally, she tweeted about it.


Amtrak responded quickly and Amanda’s mini crisis was averted.  Well done, Amtrak. Skip to seven months later and Amtrak tweets the following.


Wait -what? Upon seeing a re-tweet of Amanda’s original cry for help, Amtrak asked her if she was still in the elevator. Hashtag fail.

“Twin Towers” Mattress Sale

Before we get any further with this fail, the answer is “yes.”  Yes, this really happened.

Though it is common for retail businesses to run special sales on national holidays, something about running a “Twin Towers” mattress sale on the anniversary of 9/11 just doesn’t seem appropriate.  Apparently, Miracle Mattress of San Antonio didn’t get the memo. They shared the following commercial on their company Facebook page.  No amount of reputation management will ever fix this social media disaster.


Though each of these social media fails are largely related to common sense, proper social media management would have made all the difference.  Don’t let your company become the next addition to the social media fail list.  Let the professionals at The Richland Group manage your social media for you.  We’re in the business of preventing disasters like these from the start.  Contact The Richland Group today!

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