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What Your Company Needs to Know About Branded Content

In recent months, Facebook has made a policy change regarding branded content.  According to Facebook, branded content is “content originating from a Page owner that features third party products, brands, or sponsors that are different from the Page owner.”

What does this mean for your company Facebook Page? In order to post branded content, you must use the Branded Content Tool and make sure your Facebook Page is verified.

The Branded Content Tool allows a Page owner to tag a marketer in a branded post.  This gives the marketer access to post insights, engagement and reach metrics and allows them the option of sharing and boosting the post “to drive additional value.” The goal behind this tool is to increase transparency and protect companies or marketers from being unknowingly used to promote a business or product.  Page verification is how Facebook confirms your Page is an authentic match to your company or organization.

This picture shows The Richland Group’s verification check mark next to their company name. This is what you want your company Page to look like.

Screen Shot 2016-09-07 at 9.57.53 AM


Facebook published the example below of a branded content post from Lady Gaga in collaboration with Intel.  You’ll notice both marketers are properly tagged in the post, in compliance with the branded content policy.




If your company Page posts a photo or video that does not comply with the branded content policy, you will likely be prohibited from publishing and/or will receive a message like this one:




This policy change is just one example of the hundreds of changes Facebook and other major social media sites push each year. Let the professionals at The Richland Group keep track of these changes for you.  We will design a social media strategy that fits your company and ensure you are compliant with changing policies. Find out more about our comprehensive digital marketing solutions here.

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