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Do Popularity Contests Really Matter?

It seems like there’s always a contest to name favorite local businesses. Newspapers and magazines love to conduct annual reader surveys for readers to cast a vote for their favorites. Do these contests really matter? Have you ever changed your shopping habits based on the outcome of one of these contests? Probably not. But opinions still matter, right? We just want more information and we want it from trusted sources.

So what’s more valuable to you – a popularity contest voted on by people you don’t know, or a specific testimonial by someone you trust? When you hear how good a product or service is from someone who’s opinion you value, it means something to you. And if you see that several or many of your friends have had great experiences with a local business, doesn’t that make you more likely to take your business there?

The Richland Group can help you gain the kind of feedback and testimonials that will drive traffic to your website and business. Reputation Management is a key part of any digital marketing plan we develop. Let us show you how engaging your customer base and generating positive reviews and testimonials will improve your business and your popularity! Get started with The Richland Group today.

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