Things to do in Fort Smith

How it all started

Sometimes haters can be our best motivators.  Such is the case in the creation of “Things To Do In Fort Smith” (TTDIFS).  Rham Cunningham, TTDIFS founder, was inspired in 2011 by a nay sayer who didn’t think the city had anything to offer in terms of things to do.  Being in the Fort Smith spotlight for over a decade as a local radio personality, Rham was involved in the community.  He knew there was a lot going on in Fort Smith people weren’t aware of.  Other than a few local print publications and poorly managed online resources, there wasn’t a place people could find “things to do.” Rham created a Facebook page called “Things to do in Fort Smith.”  He wasn’t concerned with the number of “likes” in the beginning. He knew if he posted, they would come. And they did.

So began the social media movement known as Things to do in Fort Smith.  As with all progressions online, Things to do in Fort Smith needed a professional website.

The Richland Group and Things to do in Fort Smith?

In 2013, Rham joined the Richland Group team. From there you could say the rest is history, or you could say this was the beginning of something even greater. The TTDIFS Facebook page now makes 15,000-22,000 Facebook page impressions per week while boasts 8,000-10,000 unique visitors per month.  As one of the fastest growing websites in the region, TTDIFS has become an effective advertising platform for local businesses.  Considering the growth that has taken place in the last several years, we only expect the success and reach of TTDIFS to increase.


Enough with the History!! LET’S FIND THINGS TO DO!


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