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Unintended Consequence of Facebook Algorithm Change?

Facebook recently announced a change to their algorithm that promises to further reduce clickbait ads in user news feeds.  Users are tired of misleading ads that direct them to spammy sites.  It makes sense, right? Though an understandable change, it could have unintended consequences on legitimate businesses that rely on content marketing.

According to the announcement released by Facebook Newsroom, “Links posted from or shared from Pages or domains that consistently post clickbait headlines will appear lower in News Feed.”  This means businesses will need to be more aware of the types of headlines they’re posting, finding a balance between intriguing headlines and misleading ones.

An experienced content writer can ensure your headlines are compliant with this change and the many that are sure to follow (if one thing is for sure, Facebook will always change).  Let The Richland Group create a content marketing plan for your business that increases your Facebook presence and drives traffic to your site.

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