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Is Your Hosting Company Holding You Back?

When you’re in the process of creating a new website for your business, the visual elements are likely the first to come to mind.  Certainly, the visual design and functionality of your site is important, but don’t overlook the importance of web hosting.  Choosing the right web hosting company should be the first step in […]

Harness the Power: 3 Tips for a Better Domain Strategy

There’s more strategy to a good domain name than meets the eye.  Harnessing the power of your domain name can have an effect on your company’s overall web presence.  How exactly do you accomplish this? 1. Own your domain name (including every version of it) and don’t let it expire. We’ve all heard of Jeb […]

Your Website is in Danger of Attack

  Properly protecting your website from a security breach goes beyond having a strong password.  Web hackers worldwide work around the clock to get into your website.  WordFence, a website protection feature through WordPress, recently reported that within 16 hours they recorded 6,611,909 attacks targeting 72,532 individual websites.  These attacks were “brute force attacks,” meaning […]

3 Things Your Small Business Website is Doing Wrong

Today a business with no website is a losing business. Business owners think a mediocre website is better than none at all. But a bad website hurts your business. What exactly makes a “bad” website? A bad website is an ineffective website. It weakens your overall marketing strategy. Here’s where you start. Below are three […]

When weather hits, is your website prepared?

Inclement weather can affect business. When winter storms hit, some businesses have to change hours or close. Others are able to remain open. What did your business do when the snow and ice hit? Did you make these necessary announcements on your website so your customers would know? If your website was in an easy […]

Claim Your Name!

When registering your business name for incorporation, you wouldn’t let an intern do it, would you? When choosing a location to build your business, would you let a part-time employee handle the land contracts and logistics of the move? When registering your domain or setting up multiple social media accounts, or setting up your Google […]

Using Search to Improve Your Website

Web marketers pour over their website looking for ways to improve navigation, usability or conversions. But you can also use an off site search engine to probe and test your site. You might be surprised what you find. Read more here…

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