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Do Popularity Contests Really Matter?

It seems like there’s always a contest to name favorite local businesses. Newspapers and magazines love to conduct annual reader surveys for readers to cast a vote for their favorites. Do these contests really matter? Have you ever changed your shopping habits based on the outcome of one of these contests? Probably not. But opinions […]

What Not to Do: Reputation Management Fails to Learn From

The rise of social media has brought on an increased need for online reputation management.  And with online reputation management has come a widespread push for companies to be “transparent” with their customers.  What is transparency in this context? Examples include not hiding negative reviews or comments, addressing negative feedback publicly and openly asking for […]

Claim Your Name!

When registering your business name for incorporation, you wouldn’t let an intern do it, would you? When choosing a location to build your business, would you let a part-time employee handle the land contracts and logistics of the move? When registering your domain or setting up multiple social media accounts, or setting up your Google […]

True, or Internet True?

Reputation management is something we take seriously here at The Richland Group. What is reputation management? According to Wikipedia, Reputation management is the understanding or influencing of an individual’s or business’s reputation. It was originally coined as a public relations term, but advancement in computing, the internet and social media made it primarily an issue of […]

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